FEEL Green

In a country so green, Nature ran out of green colour; so it painted the sea blue, the rivers turquoise and the summits white. Even the canvas she used was ever so small. Everything is so near at hand. If you wish, you can have breakfast among the wheat fields in the east, have a glass of spring water from under the summits after lunch, eat a basket full of cherries from Karst in the afternoon and swim in the sea under the stars in the west.

  • Green Ljubljana for Gourmets

    Green Ljubljana for Gourmets

  • Green Ljubljana and Sunshine

    Green Ljubljana and Sunshine

  • Green Ljubljana with Pearls

    Green Ljubljana with Pearls

  • Bled, Deliciously Tasty

    Bled, Deliciously Tasty

  • Fishermen's Tales in Piran

    Fishermen's Tales in Piran