It would not take you long to count all of our skyscrapers. And we have no subway routes, either. But that is fine. What we do have are green parks, houses all dolled-up in baroque and art nouveau attires, mighty castles with legends and dragons, bridges and markets and so much more. And we have heart-warming people. We have Maribor, a former Capital of Culture; we have Ljubljana, the best tourist destination with its »Tourism for Tomorrow 2015« certificate and with its European Green Capital Award 2016. And we have quite a few towns where everybody greets everybody.

  • Green Ljubljana for Gourmets

    Green Ljubljana for Gourmets

  • Green Ljubljana and Sunshine

    Green Ljubljana and Sunshine

  • Green Ljubljana with Pearls

    Green Ljubljana with Pearls

  • Heart-warming Maribor with its Hills

    Heart-warming Maribor with its Hills